Line Trace With Multiple Matinee Animations?

So I am going to start off showing you my Line Trace in my FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint.


And here is my Drawer/Droor BluePrint.


So I made a Drawer/Droor in 3ds max, imported, textured and what not. Then I created a blueprint Class of the Drawer, Animated it in Matinee, then Setup the blueprints for Line Tracer and playing the Drawer Movement Animation.

I got everything to work perfectly, I go up to the Drawer and while looking at it, pressing F, the Drawer plays it’s animation just like I wanted it to.

But now I need to figure out how I can play Multiple animations looking at different objects. For example, the top Drawer is already done with Blueprints and it opens fine, but what if I wanted the other bottom Drawers to come out when I look at them and Press F? I just don’t know how I can go about doing this, seems like I would have to animate each Drawer then get the Tracer to detect more objects and play an animation for that object.

Could someone tell me how I could go about of doing this? Thanks :smiley: