Limiting Camera rotation?

Iv want to make the camera not being able to turn more than 80 degrees for example based on the actual actor direction.

Iv been trying to clamp the axis value but it wont worrk cause i realized that the axis value gives speed not actual degrees. so i tried to use branch. and it works partialy when i reach de max position it disables the rotation totally. so i dont know how i could do that exactly.

Any sugestions?

Hi Mate

Clamp it.


Kinda like this



The problem is that the “axis value” return the speed of degress per tick wich never go far beyond -1/+1 so clamping this value is useless.

when i rotate left gives up to negatives and right gives positive values but when i stop rotating it goes back to 0.

I know how to get the rotation of the actor but cant figure out how to stop rotation in only one direction. Casue if i do it like the image i just disables both rotation directions.

IIRC correctly you can do this with player camera manager. Create a BP version of player camera manager and set it to be used by player controller (player controllers properties tab). In your character blueprint get player camera manager and then I think from there you can get and set View Pitch and View Yaw. This “should” do the trick but I don’t have UE4 in front of me so I can tell.

Ok i thing i started to go in the right direction with this. It actually work. Now the problem is that the limitation. dont rotate with the character. so no matter wich dirrection is my caracter i can ony see the 180 degrees i set as a limit.

I suppose its actually global position so i should change it to relative to mesh but for now i don know how.

I would also like to solve it the easy way over the Camera Manager, but I had the same problem that it don’t rotate with the character.

Check out my solution. It’s not perfect (camera don’t rotate if the Player goes backwards), but here you have a first point of reference: