Limited range dynamic lighting.

Hey everybody,
I’m building one of my first games and have been trying to get a certain effect but keep failing. What I want is for the player character to hold a lantern and and for the rest of the world to be completely dark, except for a small ring of light around the player. My idea and inspiration is from Dark Souls and specifically the Tomb of the Giants level (see picture below). I’ve been giving my lantern an emission material and adjusting the level of it but it only seems to be making the light source itself brighter and harder to look at without actually illuminating the area. I’m also using a custom built dungeon so maybe I need to change the properties of those meshes as well? I’m comfortable with C++ but haven’t delved into using it in Unreal also if that helps. I’m at a loss so let me know if ya’ll have any suggestions, thanks for reading!

You can probably just attach a light that doesn’t cast shadows to the character

Yeah, with lighting channels and playing with disabling shadows you should be able to easily get what you want.

Emissive materials don’t actually emit light. You need to use a point light for that.