Limitations to Level Streaming?

''Level streaming does function in multiplayer games. However, when any player steps into a level streaming volume, the connected level will load for every player, even though the other players are not inside that volume. Logic for streaming volumes is hardcoded to replicate streaming state changes to all clients, so level streaming in a multiplayer game may not be useful without changing source code.

You can, however, achieve a similar effect with some creative use of Blueprints and Trigger Volumes.’’

-Ben Halliday EPIC Staff

Hi just now learning about level streaming and if it is useful or not when making an MMO in UE4, it seems like it should be lol, but Ben Halliday said to someone else that it might not be useful without changing source code and I don;t have a single idea what that means and now I’m paranoid and hesitant to explore further, what exactly is he saying isn’t
viable about level streaming when it comes to multiplayer? Sorry I dont understand much about real C++ and source codes N such.

Thanks for any advice, I would also love to know how large of a world I could create using level streaming, An entire planet? Solar system? thanks.