Limit Animation Actor / Cinematic to 30 FPS - How ?

Hello All,

I’ve animated a 30fps short sequence in Blender with morph targets for lip-sync and in Blender it works perfect as I animated it.
After fighting with FBX export/import (for more details: see the original thread here) the all thing to UE4, I finally got it to PLAY!

What I’m trying to do:
Simple, I want the animation to PLAY in UE4 in 30 fps with the music (.wav file) in perfect timing just like it plays in Blender.
The idea is to make the Monkey sing in perfect timing lip-sync.

What I have so far:
Since I’m a noob in UE4… I just managed to make the camera animated as I want, and I even managed to add the sound file in the scene and add a track. but I have a feeling it’s a total mess and there is a cleaner way to do it so it will work.

Animation and Sound = Not Match
When I play the music and the animation are not going together, so is there a way I can MAKE THEM to work in exactly 30 fps?

Please try help me out here if you can, Any examples or video tutorials will be most helpful for me to follow.
Thanks ahead! :smiley:

  • Sorry about my bad English.