Like flies walking on a s...phere

Good afternoon,
I’m trying to understand if it’s possible to do this in blueprints or I have to switch to c++.
My task I have to solve is:

  1. given a mesh (ie. a tree, a stone…)
  2. given a skeletal mesh (ie. a fly, a butterfly…)
  3. create a predefined number of actors no. 2 on the surface of actor no. 1
  4. move all the actors created in no. 3 over time

Or, in other words, scattering and duplicating an animated mesh over the surface of another mesh and let them slide over that surface.
While I did that kind of effect in Maya/Houdini, I’m struggling to understand how it’s possible to replicate in Unreal.

At the moment my questions are:

  1. is it possible to access the geometry of an actor inside blueprint? World position, vertices, uvs…
  2. is it possible to project a point/bone on the surface of an actor?On its bounding box?
  3. is it possible to have particles sliding over a surface?
  4. is it possible to have animated mesh as mesh object in a particle system?

I’ll really appreciate any kind of help.
Thanks for your time.