Lights on iOS Game not work properly

Hi guys, how are you? I have a problem with my game. When i do the packages for iOS and open the game all the lights over the ground are really darkness. But when try the game on the editor the lights are really cool.

What is the problem here? Why i not see the same when test on the editor and when make the build? Im trying to increase the light value to a big one but always see the same.

For example my game is onder a Dungeon and have torchs with fire to make the ligths and some firecamps.

I dont have a Sun becuse is a Dungeon.

But have 2 point lights across the map to make some light effect…

The firecamp and the torch looks fine but the ground is really darknes and the ambient light with the 2 point lights not work when run the game in iPhone mobile…

Thx. BR