Lightning Particle Effect

Hey Guys,
I´m pretty new to the unreal engine, especially if it´s around particle effects.
So, I wanted to rebuild some kind of effect, that I saw on a picture.

It´s this one: (hope it´s allowed to post picture links here)

So I started making a new mesh data emitter and added a sphere mesh. I put a radial gradient material on it and decreased the density.
Now it looks like this:

First question: If I slow down the spawn rate of the sphere mesh it spawns it really late but also just once, how can I achieve a
durable particle/mesh-(particle) that spawns instantly and just once until it´s give the “permission” to disappear?

Second question: How is it possible to add those small lightnings all over the surface of the mesh (?) or rather: what´s the best solution to do achieve that?

Third question: If it´s finished (whenever that´ll be), how can I make it stick to a players z axis?

Hope you guys can help me and thanks in advance, cheers. :slight_smile: