Lightning issues with meshes

So i’m still figuring out lighting and meshes in UE4 and i’m completely confused.
The meshes don’t seem to cast the shadows properly, some meshes don’t even reflect any light at all, they’re all black.
I’ve imported some meshes from blender and some work perfectly well, others just have problems with the lighting.
I’m posting a few screenshots.

With the lamps, before i build the lighting, the shadows seem fine, but after i built the lighting, it just looks dodgy and weird.
Also have that problem with a door frame shadow (these two btw are UE4 starter content meshes)

With imported meshes i sometimes get these errors about lightmasses but i don’t know what that means. some work fine, but others show this error.
How do i fix this?


Make sure the normals are on face and tangent space is selected when you export your fbx files.

If you have mis matching shadows on a mesh you have overlapping uv but this does not seem to be the case.


Thanks that helped! Turns out i can change the light from static to movable and the shadows will be cast properly, but at a severe frame rate drop :\ however if i change reduce the attenuation radius on the light frame rate improves drastically and still looks pretty darn cool. Thanks for the help. i’m slowly understanding lighting on UE4.

No problem, glad to help out looks very good!