Lightmass Updates

After looking at the roadmap I’ve noticed there is little to no plans to make updates to Lightmass/Swarm. The issue comes from swarm being an entirely separate application which makes modding it very difficult to the average user. Also the majority of the documentation on it is skim or from UDK. I just want to get a discussion going on what is being done or can be done to make lightmass more powerful and friendly. I’d like to see more modern rendering engine features such as, adaptive/progressive light baking, job queuing for separate levels, a more polished distributed rendering solution, updated documentation for lightmass.ini, exposing more lightmass.ini vars to the editor, lightmass config presets for: archviz/photoreal, open world scenes, simple scenes), and a more detailed status tracker and log for light building. Again I know not of what efforts are already being done or how far on the impossible scale these kinda of features are but I’m just here for info and discussion.