Lightmass takes much longer on different computer with similar specs

I’ve noticed that the same project can take much longer to build lighting on certain computers, even though the specs of the computers are similar. The ‘slow’ computer has more ram (64 gb) and a comparable cpu to the ‘fast’ computer. The ‘fast’ computer does have a much better GPU, but lightmass isn’t using GPU, correct? Both computers have the swarm cache on an SSD. I’ve cleaned and validated the swarm cache repeatedly. I’ve tried different projects and the one computer seems to be consistently slower. Are there other relevant specs that I should be looking at? Any other reasons why one computer might be so much slower than another for lightmass?

It’s mostly going to be based on the CPU, but can also be affected by how fast it can read memory. The CPU probably isn’t as comparable as you think if there’s a big performance difference.

Thanks for the response. The ‘fast’ computer has a xeon e5-1650 v4 3.60GHz, while the ‘slow’ one has xeon e5-2687W v2 3.40 GHz. The benchmarks that I can find don’t seem to indicate a significant difference to me, but I’m not exactly sure what specifically I’m looking for.

It must be something with the architecture, while the slow one has more cores the faster one has a higher clock speed and the slower one is 3 years older so that might be something to do with it. Stats aren’t everything, otherwise we’d all be using AMD

Thanks! At least it’s good to know there isn’t some other mysterious things I could check for and I can stop chasing this rabbit down its hole.