Lightmass resolution not changing

This morning I’m back to a project I started yesterday with 4.12.5. Static lights and static meshes only.
Everything was fine yesterday, but this morning when I try to build lighting, even if I checked in different ways that thew lightmapping resolution is 512 or 1024 for all the meshes, as final result I get a lighting calculation like if I leave the resolution at the standard 64. Looks like the values I set for lightmapping resolution are not taken into account.

See the attached images for a view on the result and an example of the different ways I’m trying to tell to Unreal the desired Lightmap resolution.

What am I doing wrong?
Is there some total lightmapping resolution limit? Or what?

Feeling lost right now


Sometimes it’s still streaming the lightmap in, you might need to wait a little bit for the shadows to pop in

Unfortunatelly it’s not because of that. Calculation and streaming are finished.
To me it looks like for some reason it’s still calculating lightmaps at 64 resolution.

Here you can see the settings I used for the lightmap calculation and the lightmap resolution on the objects.
Really don’t know what happened here.