Lightmass no longer baking shadows (for some reason)

So, I gave up trying to make LPVs look good in this client project. The main reason was that it was incompatible with precomputed baked shadows, and the dynamic shadows just bleed through the corners of the walls (using flat planes). So I switched LPVs off and turned lightmass back on, and now I can’t get shadows to bake at all. It baked indirect lighting, quite well, actually, but it fails to bake shadows, which is absurd.

Just to clarify:

  • The directional light has static shadows checked on
  • Every object in the scene has “cast shadows” and “static shadows” checked on
  • Every object in the scene has proper lightmap UVs
  • Two-sided objects have two-sided shadows checked on as well


OK, for some reason the solution was just deleting the light :expressionless: