Lightmass issues in dark areas

Hi everbody,

I’m having issues with the baked lightmaps in the sceneario dark areas, the lightmap looks blurry in dark areas but lightmaps for the same object types look sharp in well lilluminated areas. It’s a mobile project so I’ve tweaked several options including HDR off to improve the mobile performance. I only have a stationary Directional Light and a Sky Light.

This is the right side of the room where the directional light is pointing:

This one is the part of the room that ¡s in the shade:

What can be the reason for this blurry effect?

Here it is how the lightmass sample volume looks like:

And the lightmass settings:



Thank you!

Probably your lightmap resolution is too low, change from 64 to something higher. Also under viewmodes I recommend using under optimization viewmodes turning on the appropriate viewmode so you can see the cost (quality) of your setting. Darker (blue) is less expensive, red is the most expensive.

For anybody reading this in the future, I just created a new Level and the lightmaps look good now, same objects same lightmap resolutions. I guess it’s probably some setting I set once and now is impossibe to guess in the big Unreal settings ocean.

I’d like to know which one was it but I couldn’t.