Lightmass files missing after building promoted build [Swarm failed to kick off] Also dynamic light shadows showing some kind of array of shadows

This is on the 4.11 promoted build. When I download, run setup.bat, generate project files, and build. Somewhere along the line it doesn’t get any of the lightmass files shown below, they’re just missing all together.

I looked around and saw loads of other people with the [lightmass swarm failed to kick off] error and tried the solutions before I found out that my executable and dll’s were missing. My friend copied the files from his 4.9 project into my promoted unreal/binaries folder and now lightmass works fine again.

Another thing to note, upon launching the engine on a clean project just after build and before pasting lightmass files in I noticed some dynamic shadow errors. I want to confirm that these only exist for me in 4.11.0 and not in my 4.9

Hey, how do you fix the light build? just by copying all the lightmass file?
I tried that and it can pass the ‘lightmass swarm failed to kickoff’ but after that it still fails to build the lighting

Any idea where I can get the lightmass files from if I don’t have a friend with a working build?

Nevermind, found them. You can get them from a previous release: