lightmass and ray tracing with static lights issue

Hi all, hoping someone could shed some light (sorry) on a problem I’m having as it related to ray tracing and static lighting.

Using latest 4.24 release I have an empty ray trace project set up. I added a few meshes and some static lights. There is no post process volume yet and I have left the ray tracing set to the project default. I am getting “preview” on the meshes no matter how many times I try and build the lighting. (medium quality setting) See below for what I’m dealing with.

Based on the speed it looks like the light build is not happening at all, hence the preview stickers everywhere. My understanding was that you can mix ray tracing/mobile lights with static baked lighting. Is this not true or is it buggy or something? This isn’t a video game so I can make everything mobile if it comes down to it so not a blocker but I wanted to get a better understanding of what’s going on under the hood. Is there a setting I need to apply to static lights to make sure they don’t register with the ray trace functionality?

Thanks in advance!

Read the following:

If it doesn’t work, try reporting it as a bug while waiting for another response.

Turns out the map I was using that shipped with a marketplace asset had some sort of error in it that prevented proper lighting but would also never trigger an error. Moving all the static meshes to a new map solved the issue. So that would be my advice to anyone reading this trying to solve a similar issue. Start a new map/project and see if the problem persists and if you are in the clear maybe start moving assets until you find the culprit.

Weird. Thanks for the info.