Lightmaps in planar reflections?

Can we at least get the Lightmass lightmaps visible/applied in planar reflections? I’m using pl for glossy floors in architectual vis and it really breaks the immersion if all my walls are white and shadowless in the reflection. Or ist there a hack / switch to switch it on?
Performance isn’t a concern here, one or two GTX 1080s are chewing through my optimized scenes like a hot knife.
Please implement performance hungry features and let the developers decide if they are going to use them.

Hi vangel,

Static Lighting is supported for Planar Reflections. However, if you’re using a stationary Directional Light these dynamic shadows do not render in the reflection when blending between the baked shadow and the set dynamic shadow distance. We currently have a ticket in for this here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34452)


Looks like it’s backlogged. Any chance it will be fixed in 4.15 ?

Doesn’t look like something that’s being added to 4.15 either checking my latest internal build.