Lightmapping help

Hey all,

I’ve created a 3D object in oculus medium(a sculpting software) and when I import it to UE4 there is no lightmapping options. It has been very frustrating as I try to get it to work with UE4. I’ve researched some lightmapping tutorials and have only found them to be off subject. If anyone knows how to add a lightmap to a multilayered object in blender… you’re advice would be well appreciated. I’m surprised there isn’t a way to add a simple lightmap to a 3d object in a tutorial. It’s just one 3d object… why is it so confusing to to add a lightmap? Thank you to anyone who tries to help.

Lightmapping is just unwrapping the Object just like you do for texturing. The Lightmap just uses a different UV Channel (UV Channel 1 for Lightmap by default). However, there a some restrictions for lightmaps:

You need to be completely in the 0-1 UV space.
You need to make sure that there are NO overlaps in UVs.
There should be a 4x4 pixel space between UV islands, else you’ll see bleeding in the Lightmap.

I recommend reading this:

Thank you! I’ll check it out!