Lightmap UV are overlapping by 90.9% Help??

Hello, I’m still relatively new here with UE4. What I have is a level where I have just placed 2k trees. Placing the trees with the foliage tool dropped my FPS down to around 35-40. So following a few tutorials and other posts here I changed the lightmap resolution to 4, unchecked “cast static shadows”, and changed my lights to all be dynamic. Now the FPS is back to 110-120 but I’m getting this error for all my instances. What does this mean? How can I fix this? Thank you.

Note: The tree I used is the ScottsPineTall01 from the “Open World Demo” in the marketplace.

This error comes after building light. If you’re using dynamic light you don’t need to build, also you’re not using the lightmap on the mesh so it doesn’t matter anyway. :slight_smile: