Lightmap issues - AO seems to be low-res

I have the interior setup consisting of 4 static meshes.

They are just simple walls each with 2 UV Maps (one for inside of wall and one for outside)
When I imported them to UE4 - I simply created two Materials linking Vector3 constant (with color applied) to Base Color and that’s it.

There is two of those materials - for inside of wall and outside.
This is one of my wall UV maps (inside and outside), others are identical just differently shaped.

I’ve set lightmap resolution to 128 for each of these static meshes.
The issue I have appears after I build lighting (even in prod/high quality) - AO and shading seems to be very low res and this is causing walls to appear somewhat dirty/cartoon-ish.

As you can see in these screenshots - corners appear either black or somewhat blocky.
Any suggestions as to what’s happening here?


You didn’t mention what quality you’re trying achieve…
I’m guessing the main problem will be that your meshes are not corner but face snapped. If you have 2 “overlapping” surfaces they tend to bleed… specially with low lightmap resolution as 128!
Your lighmaps also not ideal: most of your space is wasted! So you’re kind of using a 64 res lightmap!!
…I’m also guessing that you use compressed lightmaps which will cause “dirt”…