Lightmap issue

heres a video showing the problem when i import my object the lightmap density is okay but when i build the lighting its almost like it offsets the lightmap. any ideas as to why this happens

I tried its happening for me as well but I dont see any issue with it. Lighting build looks perfect, textures and shaders are perfect.
Are you facing any issue with it

Probably UE4 adding 1 pixel padding to each side of your UV.

Thanks ZacD, Problem solved, the reddit post you shared is very useful, thanks for your help man ! :slight_smile:

Hi there,
in 3ds max is only possible to snap texels to gird, but as I correctly understand, I need to snap every texel manually to grid. Is it possible to pack all polygons by one click, but with snapping to grid, that all texels will be snapped to the nearest point??

UPDATE: I found this simple script for 3ds max as soluiton, but maybe some of you know another way to do it too?…section-script

PS: Thanks ZacD, that link is very useful!