Lighting Very Different from PIE

I have a project with 2 maps. The first map had the lighting set up from a template in UE4 with the default settings.
The lighting looks pretty much like PIE.

I started another blank map that I put a bunch of work into, It looks perfect in PIE but everytime
I build it on a device there are dark shadows all over the place.
and I have been playing with the light settings for last 4 hours for the directional light, the skylight, fog, postproc, removed skydome.
I tried to match everything I could see to the default project. I rebuilt it 30x.
No matter what I do, it looks bright in PIE and when I build it there are shadows so dark I can hardly see anything.

I suppose I can just rebuild a map with the exact same default settings. And never know what caused this.
But I would love to know what causes this

does anyone know what makes this happen?

A before and after screenshot would be nice.
Mobile devices don’t really support dynamic shadows off the bat, so it would be good to check that your skylight and directional light are static. And there really isn’t any post processing on mobile, so your eye adaptation settings and any film settings (contrast, shadow color, global illumination) won’t mean anything. How does it look with the Mobile Preview?

More details will help troubleshooting.


Thanks for the reply. I ended up rebuilding it from scratch with the default settings. And using that as a starting point for all future maps instead of a blank map. Whatever the problem was it looked perfect on MobilePreview but not on the device.