Lighting Troubleshooting (Blotchy tiles & completely shadowed objects)


I was wondering if I could get some help trying to identify and possibly fix some problems I’ve been experiencing in Unreal Engine (4.27.2.) I’ve noticed as I progressed with the bakes in my scene, that the wall and floor suddenly have these distinct objects in shadow when the identical models/textures are placed next to each other. However, just recently, I started having these weird squares appear on the bed. I haven’t had any problems with the bed until now. I didn’t adjust anything dramatically with the resolution in recent months, so I was hoping to fix these problems.

TLDR Weird Lighting issues:

-harsh shadow on complete surface of the wall, left corner
-floor tiles have darker shadows in middle, and some along the right side.
-bed lighting has squares of varying shades??

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I’ve attached a before pic a few weeks prior as reference. I’m generally a semi novice in Unreal Engine.

Thank you!

Current Scene Pic:

Previous Version Pics: