lighting (reflections) completely different on phone

Hi, I’m trying to set up materials and light a scene but am getting completely random results when building on the phone. The thing I just cannot fix is the reflections.

This happens once I place a sphere reflection capture in the scene. On the phone all materials have reflections no matter what. So if i create a material with nothing plugged in except a base colour the material is reflecting. This only happens on the phone - playing in the editor everything is behaving as I would expect. Plugging things into the metallic and roughness just seems totally random, but they don’t seem to have any affect in terms of applying a texture to these channels. Again playing in the editor (using the mobile preview) things are looking as expected.

As a side note builds are completely random and all over the place. I can do 5 builds in a row without changing a single thing in the editor and get completely different results. For example sometimes the game will only take up half the screen on the phone (sometimes vertically sometimes horizontally), other times the framerate will drop down to 5fps, but then I rebuild and get 40. Its just completely random!

Its a shame as when things do occasionally work the game looks amazing on the phone and runs really smooth (far better results than I managed in Unity), but development on android at the moment just doesn’t seem feasible :frowning:

Anyone having similar issues or have any solutions. I am testing on an S4mini btw

Many Thanks!

PC has screen space reflections and mobile doesn’t, so for things like flat planes (floors/walls) they aren’t going to reflect properly just from reflection probes.

Okay thanks for the reply that makes sense. So is there any way to preview what is happening on the pc?

Also I still don’t understand why materials are displaying reflections on the phone with only a base colour plugged in, or why plugging things into the metallic and roughness makes no difference?

ok so I’ve finally got this working (kind of anyway)

The problem seems to be that I didn’t have a directional light in the scene set to ‘stationary’. After adding this reflections look much more similar on the phone to the PC and the metallic and roughness settings are now doing what they should. So in summary if anyone else is having similar issues add a stationary directional light :slight_smile: