Lighting problem?


Does anyone know why the light coming in to this room from the windows is off the charts, whilst the light in the room itself is so dark?

I want to evenly light up the room, I’ve switched off the eye adaptation by setting min max fps camera autoexposure to 1.0, there is also a light source directional light with an intensity of 1.0?

Please help!

It looks like it might be a post-processing issue. Have you tried turning down / disabling bloom? That should at least help the semi-blinding white-wash that we’re seeing.

Also, intensity at 1 is “as bright as a natural light source can get”; you can make it brighter, but that’s “sunlight at high noon” levels of brightness, so you may need to adjust it down to your needs.

Likely due to Eye adaptation–your eyes adjust to allow less light in if you look at something bright, so if you look out the window the rest of the room will look darker because your eyes are trying to compensate for the bright sunlight. You can adjust exposure in the Post Process volume

I don’t have a ppv and by trying to remove eye adaptation it doesn t make a difference