Lighting performance cost

I am building this scene in first person template. Just expanding it as i learn to work in UE4. And i have MSI Afterburner running in the background so i can see performance impact on GPU, CPU. RAM and VRAM as i add and change stuff. And in this scene there are only 3 spot lights. None of them overlapping each other. But every one of them has big impact on GPU load. Also, i added 3 huge pyramids in the level. And every one of them has a huge impact on performance. Lighting build can’t even be completed. Editor just freezes after a while. Any idea what could be the issue here?

I think the editor didn’t crashed, it siply takes some time to create light maps for 1177 Meshes… The perofmance drop comes also from the not builded light “light maps”, after building the light the performance will go definitly up!

I’ll try to leave it over night. And i’ll post how that worked out.

It completed the lighting build over night. Performance jumped significantly. Didn’t know unbuilt lighting has such a big impact on performance. You learn new things every day. :slight_smile: So that’s one thing less to learn. Only a million or so to go. Then i can say “i know how to use UE 4.” :smiley: