Lighting not using Directional Light?

I’ve done some renders for bedroom/living room which have come out good, not brilliant but im happy with them

However I now have to do an interior bathroom scene, no external lighting , i.e, day light which I use directional.

Whats the best way to go around lighting this scene, as it looks terrible at the moment!

I’ve tried with just SpotLights but it just doesn’t do the job.

Thanks for the reply =]
Any feedback is (mostly) good feedback, and as I’m completely new to this, I’m still missing a lot of things!!

The initial post was just on lighting, to see if it looked right, since then ive fudged with other lights and lighting, done multiple tests, and faked light is the best light.

So here’s the latest, I also found adding ‘temperature’ on the direction light made a massive difference, it’s getting there.
There’s just still something missing, which i cant figure out.