lighting needs to be rebuild,... but onloy after packaging??

i have a very weird problem. My game is almost finished,… but suddenly after the packaging there comes the red line which tells me to rebuild the lighting:confused:. Usually that is in the editor as well,… then i rebuild the level lighting and gone is the problem. But right now, in the editorplaying there is no message,… only after the packaging. Is this a common problem for some of you? I hope for a simple solution :slight_smile: Unfortunately all of my backup files of the past week have the same problem. So i am kind of stuck in this!!

Do you spawn Actors or actors that have Static Meshes set to “Static” ? If so, change their mobility to Moveable. Because if they’re static, they don’t have a prebaked Lightmap (and thus Lighting is unbuilt for this mesh)

hey thanks, you got me on the right track. I went through all the last steps i did last week, and it appeared it happenend because of my blocking volumes! Somehow the problem appeared only after package, so no warnings, like normal, in the editor.
Still very weird. Even blocking volumes can be set at dynamic, i didnt know that. Overlapping blocking volumes are a problem too.

Thanks Raildex, i am on my way again!