Lighting Modular Pieces question

Im doing a modular asylum and the light threads are annoying me… The bottom row of white walls have no blueprint and the mid row is in a blue print. (from starter pack) Is there a blueprint code that I can use to turn all the modular walls into 1 light thread…

Don’t construct things that way, there’s no benefit, performance will be worse and you can use a single mesh for that surface just fine.

So just combine the wall pieces into 1 mesh in the 3D modeling program

Would I also have to redo the Lightmaps if i combined the Pieces together into one mesh then raise the lightmap resolution? or I dont have to mess with it

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You would need to redo the lightmap UV’s, if you just combine those meshes then they’ll be overlapping, since it’s a simple mesh though it’s easy to just make a new mesh that’s the right size. You can also try just taking one of those modular pieces and resizing it for the full wall, a rectangular object can be made to the same dimensions of any other rectangular object.

Thanks :D,
Ill see what I can do, its my first time doing a modular build and I wanted to do an interior while doing an exterior.
*I like the response time you gave me in help :smiley:

  • dont mind the glass, didn’t know what I was doing with it until i knew unreal had a glass material