Lighting keeps changing Colors

Every time i build a color its like green, i build it again its all blue, i build it again its purple. you get the point. why is this happening?

example by the way. its supposed to be normal colored. not green.

Hello aaron5015,

If you could provide some reproduction steps leading up to when this light turned green. I am curious to know what the density of your BSP’s are set to. You can check this by double clicking on the brush in your content browser and looking through the static meshs’s details panel. By default, a BSP is set to 4. Try something like 256.

Also, from your screenshot the quality of your engine looks to be set to less than EPIC. You can change this by going to your viewport > go to settings > then roll out the engine scalability seettings and see that they are turned to EPIC.

After providing this information and attempting these troubleshoots please post again and let me know if either helped.