Lighting issues. need help. >.<

I have been working on a UE4 project and after I light up the environment, everything looks fine.

when I re-open my project, some of the lights disabled, I have to move them a little bit to re-active them.

I have no idea what happened here.

need help. thanks.

One of the issues (could not be yours) is that sometimes, if you have realtime rendering disabled, the initial scene may look wrong. All you need to do is move the camera or enable realtime rendering in the editor. Again, this might not be what you are experiencing.

thank you, Ziga.
but your answer is not the case here.

i really wish anyone who thinks they got an idea helps me out here.

and also after I bake my static lights to static objects. some of the static lights get disabled.

so I have changed them to stationery … but this isn’t the way how light should work in general.

so for now I can’t find a solution, I have to make it work… I choose ‘‘this way’’ first.

I really wish someone know what’s going on to my lights reply to me …

I’m still waiting for a answer and any answer would help.

Do you see a big red ‘x’ on the light? If yes, then you are hitting the static light number limit. Convert that light to stationery usually solve the problem.

Hey Turpikp,

the problem is that my static lights don’t show a ‘x’ icon… It just doesn’t allowed to bake my static light to the light map…

for now I’ve changed them to stationery. but still, I want to know a solution to fix my problem .

would any professionals help me?

thank you very very much.