Lighting Issue in 8km x 8km Map built in WM.

So I built a test map in WM to try to learn some level streaming. I uploaded the landscape in UE4, then split the map into 4 pieces on separate maps and enabled World Composition. The problem I am having is that I have my landscape broken up, but the lighting which is set to my persistant world keeps giving me these shadows unless the camera is close. Any idea why my lighting looks this way? My Directional Lighting is on the persistant level, and it’s set to movable.

Can you narrow down where that appears? Base Color or Normal especially. Also how does it look with just the Skylight capture or an unshadowed directional light?

It does seem to be an issue within the Material Instance I am using. However, I have no idea how to pinpoint what would cause this problem. It’s a material from the Procedural Landscape Enviornment. Where should I be looking in the mat.

Nevermind, I made a dumb mistake. Rookie mistake. The material was setup fine, the problem was I never went back into landscape mode and set the material layers. all is fixed.