Lighting Inconsistent between BSP and Static Mesh


I “work” like level designer in a game with a friend and I’ve an issue that it’s look like an old one :

I created my level with BSP and I change BSP in Static Mesh to use them like assets. When I use point light in dynamic mode my level is ok but when I change them in static mode I have a lot of troubles (see below).

In center of my picture I have a BSP that I convert in Static Mesh. And the right and left, I have a static mesh that I created in Blender.

I try a lot of solutions find in this forum but nothing works.

Is someone have an idea ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi tschvartz,

Check the Wiki Lighting Troubleshooting guide and make sure that you’ve set the proper lightmap channel and a decent lightmap resolution for your converted BSP.

When you convert a BSP to a static mesh it doesn’t automatically set the lightmap coordinate index to 1 and the lightmap resolution will default to 4 which is too low for most common static meshes. Try adjusting these and checking to make sure they are setup properly.

Thanks Tim, I try your solution.

Tim, it’s work. Thanks a lot.