"Lighting in Games" article

Hey all, I just posted an article about Lighting in Games and wanted to share. Note: this is not a technical whitepaper or a tutorial, it’s more of a layman’s description of what a Lighting Artist in the industry actually does, for those who may be curious. (And in case you thought all we did was move lights around.) :slight_smile:

It’s also more about lighting in general, so is not specific to Unreal.

If you or someone you know might be interested in lighting in games as a career, check it out.

Lighting in Games

Thanks for the article. It is very useful for lighting artist.

Hmm yeah nice write up. Lighting is super important. Good lighting can make ugly models look good. Bad lighting makes good models look ugly.

I love it, thanks. Always cool to know we’re not alone in suffering caused by moving things everydays & content lock (fake one). Main issue is most of the teams don’t have any idea about the job behind the lighting and what is the huge impact to change something. Env.Artist : “oh, we’re gonna change positions of this bigs assets, paths, ect” and don’t communicate properly about that, discovering starting the week you work has been destroyed. Getting worst when you need to fix a lot of things before a important milestone or build. Everything is about the workflow of the team and to say stop (content lock).

Thanks a lot for the write up!
I will probably send this to people who are eager to know more about my job.