Lighting: i cant understand this:

Hey there! New to UE here.

I have a scene with some lights (directional and source and such) all of them Movables.

My lighting is great BUT:

When i enter the house… its iluminated the same as if i were outside (already rebuilded lighting)

I can even make a closed room inside the house, with no lights; and still the wall and all are getting the light from outside. Shouldt not it block the exterior light?

Its obvious that in my learning trough tutorials… i have understanded something in the wrong way (my english is bad)

Why is this happening, please?

Do you see skylight or sun light at indoors? Movable skylight can only be occluded with DFAO.

Ok thank you. Im reading about DFAO right now.

So… if i need a sun wich is moving… this light should be movable, isnt it?
No option to make it static, i suppose?

Thank you for the help.
Im watching again lighting tutos but i cant understand this

For a movable sun, the directional light will need to be ‘movable’. The skylight however, you should try as stationary, particularly if your environment is mostly static. Then, modulate the skylight’s colors / intensity through a blueprint (to best fit the time of day - to do that can be a little complicated if you’re not familiar with the basics of blueprinting). Movable objects, such as a character, won’t receive shadows from the skylight, but will instead be shaded through the movable directional light and additional ‘movable’ lights.