[Lighting] How to switch On and Off 2 lights in the same room


I’m wondering how it would be possible to switch On and Off 2 different lights in the same room.
Let’s say I have this room disposal. I know I can make a blueprint with a stationary light and then add a PostProcessVolume and switch the indirectlight to 0, and so I have a complete dark room. But this works fine with 1 light, or let’s say, 1 lightmap.

How could I have this setup working?


Imagine I turn Off the Light_01, but I still want the lightmap from the Light_02 working.

Hi Seager,

The videos made by Epic on youtube are a good place to start learning about this - Link

There are different ways to turn off/on lights. Usually you want to use “toggle visibility” on the light to achieve this. Aside from that it depends on how you want that function to occur. Do you want the player to be able to turn it off? Do you want the level to turn it off at some point in time?

P.S. - You might want to consider rewording your thread title. It actually seems like a tutorial because you wrote “how to” without placing any question marks. Might want to write in [Lighting Question] or put a question mark at the end of the title.

Unfortunately you cannot control Lightmaps in anyway. If you want to achieve what you are saying then you need to use Movable lights.

I think his problem are lightmaps, not how to wire buttons for 2 lights. This stuff with lights was possible in UDK/ut3. All you needed to do is making both light toggleable turn them on and render, engine made separate lightmap for each state of those 2 lights. Not sure if this still works.

But is it possible to do that in UE4? The objective of this is to simulate in realtime the global illumination.

And yes, I don’t want to just switch on and off the lights, I want to have like 2 separate lightmaps for each to be able to switch them on and off.

Still trying to figure if this is possible. No news on this? :slight_smile: