Lighting help / advice

Hi guys,
Hope everyone is well and having a great new year.

Noob here, moving from 3D / VFX / Motion Design to UE4, and loving it, with a lot to learn of course.
Wanted to know, what are some of the alternative lighting techniques used in UE4. Keep in mind this is for a personal game project, to learn.
Started designing and lighting a level with not having optimazation in mind (mega mistake), it does look great but not ideal since my frames drop drasticly in that area, and the lighting complexity view confirms it as well. The lights are mostly in stationary mode with some of them scattering volume. And most of them aren’t casting shadows, but still seem to be heavy for the scene.

My first aproach was to change them from stationary to static, and it worked, got about 30+ FPS, but the visual appeal just doesn’t do it for me. So, my question, what are some methods and techniques of optimazing lighting without having much loss in quality or visual appeal. I do acknowledge one way is to alter the actual texturing to the desired lighting needs, but are there any other techniques/methods?

Attached are some screenshots of the scene area.