Lighting Error With Foliage Instanced Static Mesh Component

Hey all,

So every time I build the lighting I still get a warning for three objects unbuilt. I have been able to figure out its these three using the " DumpUnbuiltLightInteractions" cmd.


But given that they are foliage it could be any 3 of hundreads. Does anyone know if there is a way to bring up a list that I can then search for these three components or make the error log data more useful?



Hi Matt,

I was facing the same issue on V4.21 and before that, I had 2 unbuilt FoliageInstancedStaticMeshComponent. There is a way to bring up the list of foliage static mesh that is being used. Please refer to the image that is attached. Also I mainly had issues with Merged static mesh ( 2 static meshes Merged on unreal to form one mesh) these were the one which were rendered the light to be unbuilt. Please check your foliage meshes for any merged meshes and get rid of it. For the script showed in the image attached, connect the ‘ForEachLoop’ node to the "begin play’ action and check the outputlog to find out the meshes causing the issue. Hope this helps.!

Hi @deep_trubble - I’m trying to replicate this setup in 4.25 but it’s not giving me an itemised list of the static meshes I’ve got in my Procedural Foliage Spawner.

Is there another way to get this info please?