Lighting difference between blueprint and mesh

I’m having some trouble understanding why this is happening.

The left one is a blueprint with four static meshes in it and the right one are just the meshes placed directly into the map.

Both are using exactly the same material, so why is the blueprint one not being shaded like the one on the right?

looks like normals are recalculated wrongly for right one, or the light is baked somehow in a way that blueprint overrides them. Dunno.

Meshes placed in a BP default to ‘Movable’, but meshes placed in a map default to ‘Static’, which means they will have precomputed lighting on them. You can change this quite easily in the BP though, the Mobility option is under the Location/Rotation/Scale.

good to know, ty

Ah, I see. That makes sense. That seems to work. Thanks!