Lighting Channels are not supported on Xbox?

It seems on Xbox, Lighting Channels are not supported because on PC it works perfectly but I’m still not sure about that, maybe there is something that I am not aware of. Has anyone come across this issue so far?

They should work across all platforms as far I know, especially since they are supported on mobile. If you’re using the forward renderer, I’m not sure if they are supported there, though.

Appearantly light channels are working differently on Windows than XboxOne. I’ve prepared a very simple project to showcase the issue:

There is an empty map with 3 cubes and 3 dynamic point lights.

From left to right:

Cube1: Only Channel 1 set.
Cube2: Only Channel 2 set.
Cube3: Only Channel 0 set.

Light1: Red. Only Channel 1 set.
Light2: Blue. Only Channel 2 set.
Light2: Green. Only Channel 0 set.

At Win64 you see (From Left to right):
Red cube, blue cube, green cube

On XBoxOne you see:
All cubes are green!

Which means Channel 0 lights are always affecting 1 & 2. And Channel 1 & 2 light are ignored :frowning: