Lighting build selected / Improve the system of static lighting


I worked years on UE3, and it was very useful to build the lighting with a selection (Build selected). I don’t know for what purpose this option was deleted from UE4, but it could be great to have something like that (improved) back. It cause time for big production to rebuild at each modification in the level.

A system based on “Build selected assets” and/or based on something like a grid check (If someone in this case of the grid is modified then rebuild only “this area”).

Obviously there are a lot of issue to resolve like "How can we know that the Giant tree in other case after with his shadows this other case, ect…). I don’t think so I’m talking only for myself/studio, but at least have a build selected back will be good to win time. Also a stat view with “what is not build correctly now” could be useful.
This static lighting system could be improved a lot in my opinion.

If you are agree or have solutions, ideas for this issues you are free to participate to this topic. Hope I’m not the only one with this issues.


Hi Zeldads,

This topic has been covered multiple times on the forums. You can find more information here: Lightmap build for selected objects only. - Unreal Engine Forums

Ultimately, there is a feature request in for it, but there is a note on the feature request that indicates build times would not be as improved as people seem to think they will be. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to implement in the future, it’s just not a priority at this time.

My bad, I’m switching on. Well, on one of my last game build selected on some element was great to win time on build. For example, on a big area like forest, just rebuild a couple of tree (moved before) took me 5/10 minutes and not 6 hours to rebuild everything… So during in production it was very useful.