Lighting an open world scene with player created structures.

Hey guys, trying to figure out some lighting issues with an open world map. I have some player created structures, which inside of them is completely dark., or just too dark that it’s not acceptable. The outside of these structures looks completely fine, but inside of them is pitch black sometimes. I have looked at some other games whichb have player created buildings and they are not this dark. I tried adding a sky light but it just bleaches the scene, so I tried to decrease skylight intensity but it then doesn’t give enough light. See images:

Skylight at 0.1:

Skylight at 1 (Inside first, then outside):

Outside ofd building with skylight at intensity 1:

Skylight at 0.1 (Outside):

Anyone have any ideas?

I looked at the game ARK: Survival which has a lot of the same features. I googled a picture of the inside of a house and its not nearly as dark as mine is:

Anyone know what I’m missing? I’m using fully dynamic lighting.