Lighted mesh looks good in preview but shows errors once lighting is rebuilt

Hello all!

I am a fairly new user of UE and I am doing some research regarding to use UE for product showcasing. So a mix of architectural viz + showing a product.
I have already managed to import meshes directly from Solid Works into UE with a plugin. Meshes are looking quite alright but theres a big problem:

when the lighting is not rebuilt, everything looks fine:

once I rebuilt lighting - artefacts everywhere :frowning: .

Im totally aware that the artefacts in the lightmap are related to a bad UV map which is generated by UE. The thing is that I havent got time or experience or programs to manually unwrap the meshes.
Also, the previewed lightings looks good enough to me, so how can i get the program to just use that lighting, however it is created ?!

hope this questions makes sense to you…thanks in advance for useful advice.


You’re right that you’ll want to use a modeling program to fix the UV issues. If you’re not ok with doing that then you’ll need to use dynamic lighting, which is what the preview uses until you build the lighting.

Just make the light movable for your entire scene or just uncheck the option for the static mesh to cast static shadows so that if you do build lighting you can at least keep indirect bounce light for your other static meshes you have.

Hi Tim, ok that seems like a good workaround, I’ll try that out. Thanks!