Light UVs morph deformation (any solution?)

Hi everyone!
I am working on a animated book made in 3d max that has a bone hierarchy to open the book covers (easy stuff) and a morpher animation to modify the pages mesh when it’s fully open. The thing is when I export the whole thing to UE it’s seems to ignore my mapping chanel 2 where the lighting uvs should be, making really weird things with the light. My question is, is there any way to make my “morphed” mesh to keep it’s UVs so the light can work properly both open and closed? I attach some pics to make it easier to understand.
Thanks in advanced!


Skeletal meshes is lit dynamically, and not required lightmap uvs

I think what redbox is trying to say is that skinned meshes are ‘dynamic’ and cannot have lightmaps baked in to them.
You could try to tick ‘light as if static’ under the properties of the mesh in the details panel of the world outliner.

Are you using bones and skins, or morph targets?
If you’re using morph targets, its a bit different. the .FBX file format doesn’t include smoothing group information in the morphs, so if you are using them you will have to select all of your hard edges and ‘break’ them so that the corresponding faces are no longer connected by vertices/edges.

It also looks like some of your dynamic lighting is affected by post process ambient occulsion