Light splotches on wall meshes when baking lighting in an interior scene

Hey guys and gals,

I’m working on an interior scene in 4.23 using global illumination and indirect lighting but no matter what settings I change or what lighting I use I seem to always be getting these blotches of light on every surface. Originally my walls were one big mesh with one big light map but I have since broken everything into 32 separate meshes with light maps that use one island that uses the entire 0 to 1 space with 8-16 pixels of padding around the edges. The blotches remain. Any idea why this is happening? I dont have the lightmass settings in front of me at the moment, but off the top of my head I have static lighting scale set to 0.8, indirect lighting bounces at 20, skylight bounces at 20, indirect lighting quality at 3, and indirect lighting smoothness at 1. My directional light is set to 5.0 lux and my skylight is set to 2 or 3. I have lightmass portals in every window and sphere reflection capture actors in every room.I have read in a couple places that cascaded shadow maps can produce errors like this, but I cant remember if I have them enabled or not. Any and all ideas on why this is happening would be awesome. Thanks!

Apologies if the images are too small. I may have over-compressed them. Let me know if you have trouble viewing them.