Light or fog flickering on camera, maybe bleeding through landscape... Only happens on shipping build

- YouTube here is a video showing off my issue.

its been tough to debug as it only happens on the shipping build. playing in engine or in dev build I do not get this. My best guess is that the landscape is culling out super close to the camera and then hitting it with light. if I go into my cave area i do not get this.

-Light is all dynamic, skylight and directional light. both above the ground in the above video.
-Have build the game before without this issue. maybe not since updating to 2.24
-when working in editor if I am flying the camera backwards i can some times see this happen also. as if the landscape is not streaming fast enough… not sure.
-Tried a ton of stuff to narrow it down but it keeps happening. changing lights, turning off fog adding objects to block light so on.

hopefully that info helps, its an odd one so not sure what is needed to debug.

Thanks for any help!