LIght Map Problem

Hello, guys, I’m having another problem with lightmaps, this time on a simple prop, I tried everything also make my own UV for lightmaps but it doesn’t work.
The weird things that the same prop in another level looks like perfect. and also this new issue comes today from nothing, yesterday was perfect.

Are you referring to the roughness of the outer side shadow’s edges as the problem? It looks more like a material or texture issue than a lightmap resolution one, though could be LM res. It also doesn’t look bad since if it’s porcelain, it would likely create such a shadow effect, though perhaps not that high of frequency in distortion of the edges.

Did you set some refraction on the material for the outer part? maybe increase / decrease roughness and change specular if it’s in use…for the material.

Yea well, to me, the UV looks wrong.

I would unwrap the thing with the bottom section as the cut point and the whole loop going around as a single island.

Based on how the shadow is reacting on the mesh, I would say that the lightmap resolution for the object is set to something very low. Possibly around 8 or 16.
to get it to look a little better I would bump it up to around d 256 or so? Maybe even 512 depending on what else is in the scene.

Now I solved the problem just creating a new level and I didn’t get this issue maybe I touch something in the lighting set on the previous scene

Yes Also I did that later of sharing the problem here but It didn’t change, but I solve the problem just creating a new scene :slight_smile:
My lightmap is 256 for this props