Light cones are not visible when spotlight attached as child actor

So pretty much the topic. I have blueprint actor with Add Child Actor Component in Construction Script which targets another blueprint actor with only one component being a spotlight (so basically, I just dragged this blueprint onto parent blueprint). When creating parent blueprint in editor you can’t see light cones of the spotlight but it emits light. Is there way to fix that or another way to do this?

Did you tried to add it manually as simple Spot Light component?

Because I can see cones when it added in that way.


Thank you for your reply! Yes I did it before, and sure it works, but not really what I need. My ultimate goal is to be able to create light components dynamically within blueprint AND set the lighting channels of them to 1 (or anything that not 0). Sounds pretty simple. At first.

If I could edit light channels in blueprints I would just use Add spotlight component. Or if I knew how to duplicate already created spotlight component, I could make one with light channels set 1 and copy it. Next my idea was to create separate blueprint with Spotlight component and add it to parent blueprint as much as I need, and it works!.. but the light cones disappeared, and it makes it really hard to use for people.

So, any ideas? =)

Edit: Oh, you also replied to my first question in here. About lighting channels. Remember me? ^^