Light Building Is Getting Stuck

I’ve been working on a project for several months, and building lighting has never been an issue. I’ve always been using 4.8 for this, so there’s no issues with transferring the project between versions. Basically, this morning I built lighting and it cleared without a problem in the world. I checked back into using it this afternoon, added some new assets, and rebuilt lighting. Now it’s stuck perpetually at 99%. I have never seen this issue before, nor do I know what caused it. Most importantly, I checked up in Swarm, and Processing Mappings has a single bar constantly infinitely going, never stopping, and the Distributed Progress is perpetually at 99.98%. If there’s a fast solution, I’d appreciate it.

Hi. I have exactly the same problem with 4.9. Sometimes it gets stuck at 90%, sometimes 92%… after some time it decides to terminate the processing mappings bar and then it finishes. No idea where it comes from either.

Hello Divital,

Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

From what you describe your LightMass is still running within your swarm agent while your build is stuck at different percentages.

This appears to be another issue that is currently a bug. I do want to get some more information from you to check some possibilities before adding this to a list of users that are currently experiencing this issue.

1.) Can you link me your DxDiag?
2.) Does this happen in another clean project?
3.) Does this happen in 4.9?

After I have this information I can narrow down what is causing this issue.

I had the same problem, and in this other thread a dev says it has been fixed and will be released soon. Meanwhile a user observed that removing the light mass volume fixed the issue; it fixed it for me too.

Hello guys,

If you will notice Andrew on that post noted that this was added to a bug that is currently being investigated.