Light Build Deletes Lights (Visually)

Hay guys, this has only happened recently after I uninstalled UE and reinstalled it due to other problems, now whenever i build lighting it will visually not show some of the lights (meaning the area where the light is will just be black). I have messed around and it worked for about 5 minutes where all of the spot lights and point lights would build completely fine. I managed to do this by duplicating my lights and deleting the old ones, but it just went back to not working again after a few rebuilds. Im really confused as before I uninstalled I didnt have this problem at all. Some of the lights are rebuilding but others arn’t, and i know its nothing to do with the lightmaps etc because they where all rebuilding fine, with shadows etc before I uninstalled.

EDIT: It seems like its building fine for the first few minutes when i first open the project, but it flickers as to what it would build like later on (dark as if there was no lighting)

I"m not having that problem as such, but my build wont even get out of 0% , stays there even after half an hour +

No answers yet,but I"m hopeful.

Are you using 4.13? I noticed I had the same issue. What solved it was changing the spot lights and point lights to movable. Have you tried that?